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Level reference information and variation reference knowledge may be written in several databases. The above arrangement is the fundamental arrangement of the ultrasound diagnostic equipment based on the fifth to eighth embodiments. The particulars of the fifth to eighth embodiments will be described below. The transmitting unit 504 and receiving unit 505 each may be designed to have a 1-channel arrangement by using a matrix swap with a multiplexer arrangement. This makes it possible to reduce the circuit sizes of the transmitting unit 504 and receiving unit 505. In addition, the voltage Vsup1 outputs of the voltage generating unit 510 may be integrated into one output, and the resistors 511 and first switches 512 can be built-in into one resistor and one first switch, respectively.

In this case, a time Tbi between the beginning timing of the interval by which the multiplex reflected signal is obtained and the reception of the multiplex reflected sign is obtained as Ta−Tri. 17, a time Tb1 associated with a multiplex mirrored sign MF1 of an ultrasound sign transmitted within the first period is given by Ta−Tr1. A time Tb2 associated with a multiplex reflected sign MF2 of the ultrasound sign transmitted within the second period is given by Ta−Tr2.

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The image I3 could also be replaced by a photograph obtained by the digital camera if the upkeep operator demands that the photograph be offered. In this case, the picture O3 exhibits flaws, cladding peeling, contamination or the like, if any at the time of photographing. The photograph is therefore useful in diagnosing the ultrasound probe 200. The medical diagnosing unit 811 also contains an imaging management unit 811 a, image generating unit 811 b, memory unit 811 c, and show unit 811 d.

The image producing unit 1012 b generates show knowledge from the signal generated by the display processing unit 1009. Display operation based mostly on a signal generated by a show processing unit 909 could additionally be carried out by a display unit 911 d. In this case, the display processing unit 909 is linked to the image producing unit 911 b. The image generating unit 911 b generates display data from the signal generated by the show processing unit 909. As described above, according to this embodiment, a diagnosis end result regarding every channel is displayed in correspondence with the place of the corresponding contact 201 a belonging to the channel in the connector 201. If, therefore, a failure has occurred in any of the channels, the maintenance operator can easily know, by solely visual remark, to which one of the contacts 201 a the channel belongs.

Note that if a photograph or computer graphics image is tilted on this method, navigation show with arrows may be omitted. At this time, the ultrasound probe 200 is held by the probe holder 300 shown in FIG. 2B. A probe holder 300 holds the ultrasound probe 200 by clamping it between two opposing restraining members 301 and 302. This allows the ultrasound probe 200 to only rotate about an axis alongside the urgent path of the restraining members 301 and 302 and slide in a course perpendicular to the pressing direction while fixing the posture of the probe in other directions. The operation of the ultrasound diagnostic equipment having the above arrangement might be described subsequent.

The mannequin of the ultrasound probe 200 is set on the basis of the above identification data. The identification info is info for specifying every ultrasound probe 200, and doesn't usually embrace info indicating a model. The management unit 111 determines the mannequin of the ultrasound probe 200 by referring to a database during which items of mannequin information are written in correspondence with numerous kinds of identification data. The database may be acquired upfront from the external device related to the connector 102 or saved in advance in the storage medium 107. Alternatively, data indicating a model may be contained in identification info, and the management unit 111 may directly determine the model of the ultrasound probe 200 from this data. Focus data is info containing the main focus time TF which is the time required for an ultrasound wave to reciprocate to a focus level.

26 is a view exhibiting the association of the reference database 707 a. In the third embodiment, the minimal worth of a repetition period could also be set whatever the focal size. The repetition interval Tf within the second embodiment and the reference value Tf in the third embodiment may be determined with slight margins being added. The transmitting unit 104 and receiving unit one hundred and five every could also be designed to have a 1-channel arrangement through the use of a matrix swap with a multiplexer association.

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